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What's On My Plate: Carb Re-feed (carb-loading, carb-up)

What's On My Plate: Carb Re-feed (carb-loading, carb-up)

I thoroughly enjoyed this first re-feed. I really love complex carbs like lentils and fruit, so 100% low carb all the time just doesn’t work for me. Transforming your body should be fun! I will plan out my meals in advance next time and eat a bit more calories, but I have to say this was very satisfying and I didn’t feel hunger or have cravings at all. Today, I am back on track with eating very low carb and I feel great. I only have one complaint from yesterday and I’m guessing it was the lentils; gas. Ugh, I was so gassy after dinner – thank goodness I didn’t eat lentils earlier in the day! No bloating and no pain, though, so can’t really complain. Here is a breakdown of my day by meals, calories and macros:

Breakfast, 432 calories:

  • 3.5 cups/28oz fresh organic celery juice
  • Sprouted oats, almond milk, collagen peptides, peanut butter powder, maple sugar
  • 1 apple

Lunch, 469 calories:

  • Smoothie: water, spinach, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, banana, collagen peptides, acacia fibre.
  • Supplements: 12 spirulina tablets
  • Chicken breast
  • Bowl of green grapes

Dinner, 483 calories:

  • Red lentil + beetroot salad: spinach, red lentils, beetroot, roasted sweet potato, cherry tomatoes + tahini dressing
  • Medium glass (175ml) Picpoul de Pinet*

Snack, 273 calories:

  • Cold-brew coffee with collagen peptides + splash of oat milk
  • Gluten free oats, raw milk, maple sugar
  • Bowl of fresh cherries 


  • 3-5 herbal teas
  • 2-3L water; still and sparkling

Total Calories: 1,657

Macros: 60% carbs 15% fat 25% protein

This is a guestimate, as I was out for dinner. However, it is my job to know rough estimates of portion sizes, so this should be pretty accurate ;-) 

*I would not recommend alcohol during a carb refeed unless you have calories to spare. This was a waste of calories (122) for me. We live and we learn… And we were at our local pub watching the World Cup: Korea vs Germany – great game!

Let me know if these breakdowns of what I eat are helpful/of interest to you. Please leave a comment or ask a question below.




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